We're All About Security

One of the most common questions we get asked when we’re speaking with collectors is “how do you make sure your coins are secure?”. The security of your coins, precious metals and possessions is a constant concern.

A safe is the most common way of securing your valuables but not all safes are created equal. We have a large range of new and used safes covering all sizes and applications. We also offer a discrete delivery and installation service all over the British mainland. Additionally we offer a bespoke home security systems comprising of security doors, ballistic glass, secure rooms and hidden security areas within your home as may be needed.

Moreso for the trade, but also for private clients, transporting your valuables can also be a definite worry. To overcome this we manufacture heavy gauge steel lock boxes which are contoured to fit in the rear of your vehicle to maximise your safe storage area. These can be from 1.6mm thick (as the legal requirement for a shotgun cabinet) right up to 25mm thick dependant upon your perception of threat.

If you have a table at a coin fair or similar event then your display cabinet is your showroom to display your items for sale to potential customers. There is, of course, the standard 36” x 24” x 4” deep cabinet used by large parts of the trade. 

We custom design cabinets to any size, laying flat on the table or raised at an angle for improved viewing. We can integrate additional security features such as wrap-around bars to secure to the backs of tables.

Whatever your security concern we’re here to help. In the first instance please call 01132407900 for a free & confidential discussion about how we can reduce your risk of threat.

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