Appraisals & Valuations

Sometimes collections are acquired in the worst of times and for the worst of reasons. As sad as it is we find many collections have been left to families as the result of the passing of a loved one and we understand that this can often be distressing. We work with individuals, families and solicitors to prepare valuation packs where collections form part of an estate.

Whilst some people don’t wish to keep a collection, others want to keep them as a keepsake or as something to pass to a future generation. In these instances we believe it sensible to have the collection professionally appraised and valued. 

The service primarily assesses a collection and highlights any key pieces which carry notable value. For an additional fee we can also photograph these to satisfy any requirements for insurance companies or simply as records.

These are presented in a professional folder for your records or offered in an abridged version in the case of probate concerns.

This is a bespoke service so prices do vary but start from just £75. We are happy to talk through any requirements you may have and of course we will do so in a discrete and professional manner. 

We also work with established collectors who wish to record their collection in more detail. Again we offer a bespoke photography service which can be used to satisfy any insurance requirements and also be a backstop for a collection in the event of the worst happening. Prices depend on collection size, please call 01132407900 for more information.


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